Our professionals

More than 2,800 professionals work at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra with exclusive dedication and with the aim of offering the patient the best possible medical and human treatment. 

Owing this model, our specialists distribute their time among three tasks which we consider essential for excellent care and continuous improvement: medical care, teaching, and research.

Thus, we ensure a constant training and professional development, which results in benefits for our patients.

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Our professionals will provide you with a medical evaluation without you having to leave your home.

The Clinic's professionals are committed to performing their work with the utmost professional and human competence. This way of understanding work leads each one to work as a team, to seek excellence, to serve others with their task and to assume their own responsibility in their decisions and professional actions.

Likewise, one of the essential differences of the Clinic is that, due to its model of exclusive dedication, all our specialists distribute their time between medical assistance to patients, teaching and research.

Our professionals understand that training and research mean new opportunities for our patients, and our model has been designed with this in mind.

Thus, a large number of professionals are university professors or work as teachers and advisors to the residents of MIR, FIR, BIR, PIR and EIR, which requires them to constantly update their knowledge.

In addition, the university's interest in research with its practical aspect, to help patients more effectively, makes the professionals of the Clinic participate in research projects, maintain contacts with specialists from around the world and participate in courses and conferences. For this reason, they are up to date with the latest advances in the treatment of diseases.

The Clinic is organized into Departments according to the medical specialties they serve. The departments work closely with those related to the pathologies they treat, always seeking a multidisciplinary approach to the patient.

In addition, the Clinic has multidisciplinary Units and Areas, composed of doctors and professionals from different specialties, focused on a specific pathology.

In this way, coordination and collaboration between specialists is reinforced in order to offer the patient the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment, in the shortest possible time.

The pathologies, in most cases, require the experience and knowledge of more than one medical specialty.

That is why, in order to achieve an effective treatment, it is necessary that specialists from different disciplines work in coordination, as a team and with the same objective: the best result for the patient, in the shortest time possible.

We understand that multidisciplinary teamwork encourages creativity and innovation, and facilitates the integration of knowledge and the approach to each disease with a global perspective.

Our team of professionals