Nonprofit institution

Being part of the University of Navarra, the Clinic is a non-profit institution that invests all its surpluses in providing the best medical care for its patients.

Committed to clinical practices, research, teaching and the transfer of knowledge to society, the Clinic is a non-profit hospital that allocates all its resources to the best medical care of its patients, through continuous innovation.

This desire to innovate is reflected in the acquisition of technology, which facilitates a more precise diagnosis and more effective treatment, as well as in research (the Clinica invested 10 million euros in research projects in the 2018-2019 academic year) and in the continuous training of its professionals in the most advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques.

This philosophy makes the patient the centre of its activity and the main beneficiary of its healthcare results.

A great number of generous donors who collaborate with the Clinica, the Cima and the University play a crucial role in the above mentioned research activity.

Our patients, our reason for being

Learn about the stories of our patients; they are the ones that drive us to continue offering the best quality care.