"We are the Spanish medical centre with the greatest experience in Parkinson's surgery by means of deep brain stimulation".


The Neurosurgery Department has specialists with a great deal of patient care and research experience and the most advanced technology.

We are the only Spanish centre to incorporate high field intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (3T), which allows maximum precision and control in cranial surgery.

In the field of cranial surgery, tumours, epilepsy or vascular lesions, the available navigation and visualisation systems allow the use of minimally invasive techniques (keyhole concept) in order to achieve the best results with minimum discomfort and complications.

The collaboration with the multidisciplinary area of brain tumours and translational research positions us at the forefront of the use of oncolytic virus assays and immunotherapy in brain tumours, both adult and paediatric.

We are the Spanish medical centre with the greatest experience in Parkinson's surgery by means of deep brain stimulation. We have the latest technology with localised ultrasound (HIFU) for the treatment of essential tremor without surgery.

The principles of precision and minimally invasive surgery are also used in microsurgery of the spine, both lumbar and cervical, allowing for minimal risks and faster recovery.

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Essential tremor and Parkinson's symptoms

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra incorporates the most advanced model of HIFU, high intensity ultrasound for the treatment of patients with essential tremor and trembling, stiffness or clumsiness of Parkinson's disease.

The application of high intensity ultrasounds is guided by magnetic resonance images that allow maximum precision in the application of this treatment.


Maximum precision and control of cranial surgery

The only Spanish centre that has an intraoperative magnetic resonance of 3 teslas, which allows the surgeon to check the result of the procedure "in situ", thus providing greater safety and benefit to the patient.

Quality and precision/strong>

First high field intraoperative magnetic resonance in Spain that allows better image quality, faster studies and more sensitive tissue differentiation.

Safety for the patient

The new operating rooms allow for low-dose 3D imaging for the greater benefit of the patient and professionals.

Excellent results

Maximum intraoperative precision by checking the result of the procedure "in situ", which provides greater safety and benefit to the patient.

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Why in Navarre?

  • We have the most advanced technology on the market.
  • Prestigious professionals of national reference.
  • Pioneering research into brain tumours.

Pioneers in the administration of vaccines for brain tumours.

Brain Tumors

The Clinic conducted a clinical trial with autologous dendritic cells added to first-line treatment with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The results show an increase in survival.

This therapy has not yet demonstrated benefit in large randomised trials and is not approved but can be performed as an exception with prior individualised authorisation.

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