The Neurosurgery Department has specialists with great experience in both welfare and research and uses the most advanced technology.

We are the only Spanish centre to include high-field intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Scanning (3T), which allows maximum precision and control in cranial surgery.

In cranial surgery, tumours, epilepsy, or vascular lesions as a whole, the navigation and display systems available allow the use of minimally invasive techniques (the keyhole concept) so as to achieve the best results with minimal trouble and complications.

Collaboration with the área multidisciplinar de Tumores cerebrales (multidisciplinary area of brain tumours) and translational research allow us to lead the way in the use of trials with oncolytic viruses and immunotherapy in both adult and paediatric brain tumours.

We are the Spanish medical centre with most experience in Parkinson's disease surgery by means of deep brain stimulation. Moreover, we have recently included the latest technology with localised ultrasounds for essential tremor treatment without incision.

The principles of precision and minimally invasive surgery are also used in microsurgery of the spinal column (both lumbar and cervical) for minimum risk and a faster recovery.

Neurocirujanos de la Clínica Universidad de Navarra han comprobado, en más de 120 pacientes con un tumor cerebral, la eficacia de realizar la cirugía en un quirófano con resonancia magnética intraoperatoria, sin aumentar los riesgos de la intervención. El único quirófano con resonancia de alto campo de España se encuentra en la Clínica Universidad de Navarra.
Highly efficient surgery with intraoperative magnetic resonance scanning

We are the Spanish medical centre with most experience in Parkinson's disease surgery by means of deep brain stimulation".


Maximum precision and control in cranial surgery

It allows the surgeon to check in situ the result of the procedure, which is safer for the patient.

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We make available to patients the most suitable treatments in each case, always at the forefront with our knowledge and techniques.

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Pioneers in administering vaccines for brain tumours

The Clinic carried out a clinical trial with autologous dendritic cells added to top-of-the-line treatment with surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. The results show a higher survival rate.

This therapy has still not been shown to be beneficial in randomised trials and has not been approved, but it may be used in exceptional cases when individualised authorisation is given.











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Clinical professionals perform a continuing research and training, always to the benefit of the patient.

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Researched to offer new possibilities and the latest therapeutic advances
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