Ophthalmology department

The Department of Ophthalmology of the University of Navarra Clinic counts with great experience related with diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in children and adults.

We offer innovative pharmacological and surgical treatments including the use of several kinds of laser techniques. We are also pioneers in cornea transplant with excellent results.

Our specialists participate in important national and international clinical trials, some of which facilitate the application of safe and innovative treatments to volunteer patients.

We are one of the few Departments of Ophthalmology in Spain that count with an experimental operating room. This experimental operating room is used by our specialists to practice new surgical techniques and consolidate the current techniques on artificial or animal samples brought from England.

We also have an Ophthalmology Emergency Service, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

After hospital discharge, if you have any doubts or problems, we take care of you at any time.

La degeneración macular es una enfermedad degenerativa ocular que provoca alteraciones visuales importantes. La degeneración macular es una alteración degenerativa de la parte  central de la retina conocida como mácula, que es la responsable de la  visión central (la que permite leer, ver la televisión o reconocer las caras de las personas). Su causa es desconocida, aunque se sabe que la edad del  paciente es el principal factor de riesgo.
Macular degeneration is an ocular degenerative disease that causes important visual impairment.

We count with a multi-disciplinary team that covers all the areas of Ophthalmology and guarantees that through team work, every situation will be attended by an expert in each field".

The professional experts of the University of Navarra Clinic are distributed in different healthcare areas:

The Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Navarra Clinic is one of the few clinics in Spain, that has its own experimental operating room.

This operating room is different because, it is a microsurgery experimental laboratory, which means that surgeries are performed using microscopes.

The main advantage of this operating room is that residents or specialists can practice complex surgical techniques on artificial or animal samples, before intervening on the human eye.

They can practice a new surgical technique or can achieve ability on a certain step of the surgery. Because of this previous practice the real surgery on the patient’s eye is faster, with less complications and with a faster recovery. 



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Ensayo clínico de OZURDEX® (implante intravítreo de dexametasona) en pacientes sin tratamiento previo con edema macular diabético

Este estudio evaluará la seguridad y eficacia de OZURDEX® cuando se utiliza en los actuales entornos clínicos españoles y portugueses mediante la recopilación de datos sobre patrones de tratamiento y de repetición del tratamiento.

Imagen del folleto sobre la investigación que se realiza en el Departamento de Oftalmología de la Clínica Universidad de Navarra


The department counts with a great technically certified team to perform clinical trials.


Simulator of ophthalmic surgery

For specialists in Ophthalmology
Surgical simulation based on virtual reality allows to increase the performance and efficiency of the time spent in training and ensures an adequate level of safety for the patient.

Training by means of surgical simulators is not only designed for people in training, but experienced surgeons can also try new maneuvers or improve their abilities to solve complications.

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