Clinical Optometry

"At the Clinica Universidad de Navarra we have a service of clinical optometry in collaboration with ophthalmologists specialized in low vision, contactology and support for refractive surgery".


Clinical optometry deals with visual problems such as visual impairment, legal blindness or total blindness.

These are pathologies that involve a significant reduction in central visual acuity or a significant loss of visual field. It also deals with basic and visual rehabilitation aids.

Likewise, the field of clinical optometry deals with corneal problems and eye imperfections.

Through orthoptics, visual exercises are performed that improve some eye defects, improve convergence, ocular divergence and stimulate or relax the system that focuses and moves the eyes.

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Through aberrometry, a three-dimensional map of the alterations that alter the retinal image is provided.

It is a very useful tool for patients who are going to undergo LASIK surgery, since it offers the ophthalmologist all the information to make the surgery more precise.

Advanced contactology

Advanced contactology is an optometric discipline that deals with the study and adaptation of contact lenses in a personalized way in special or irregular corneas.

Thanks to the technological means that we have, we can make an exact map of the cornea and thus offer the best solution to each patient.


Once the binocular dysfunction has been diagnosed, we carry out an individualized visual therapy program according to the needs and capabilities of each patient.

It consists of performing visual exercises to improve certain eye defects; improve ocular convergence and divergence; and stimulate or relax the muscular system in charge of focusing and moving the eyes.

Low Vision Unit

The objective of the Low Vision Unit is to seek the maximum level of well-being and autonomy of the patient. Through different optical aids and therapies, we seek to enhance visual capacity.