"The cost of early detection programmes with a chest CT would not be excessive for society, given that early treatment of lung cancer is much cheaper than in its advanced stages".


The Pneumology Department has more than 15 years of experience in smoking cessation and early detection of lung cancer programmes.

Trained in leading centres around the world, including centres in the United States, our specialists have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all respiratory diseases, both common and less frequent.

These include lung nodule management, interstitial lung disease and advanced diagnostic endoscopic techniques. Furthermore, in a multidisciplinary way, they are part of the Sports Medicine Area.

The Pneumology Department has been accredited as a Basic Asthma Unit by the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR).

Medical care is linked to the work of the Nursing team, which administers the necessary care, monitors and assesses the evolution of the patients in order to provide maximum quality.

We are pioneers in the early detection of lung cancer, as a result of various research projects. Thus, research and teaching are the other two pillars.

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Advanced treatments for better care




  • Tunneled pleural catheter

  • CPAP and AutoCPAP

  • Smoking cessation

  • Endoscopic lung volume reduction

  • Treatment of persistent air leakage

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Early Detection of Lung Cancer

For 20 years, we are running the Early Detection of Lung Cancer Programme.

This programme includes the annual performance of a chest CT scan, with the aim of monitoring and detecting the tumour in the early stages, when the tumour is curable.


Comprehensive medical care of our patients

Being at the forefront of research, we have the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology to offer the best solution to our patients.

Specialised nursing

We have nursing professionals specialized in the diagnosis, care and monitoring of lung diseases.

Endoscopy Unit

Equipped with the latest technology, our Endoscopy Unit performs diagnostic and therapeutic tests with maximum safety.

Advanced treatments

We offer our patients the latest treatments available to solve their disease with the highest quality and experience.

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Why choose the Clinic?

  • We have the most advanced technology on the market.
  • Prestigious professionals of national reference.
  • Pioneering research in early detection of lung cancer.

Personalised attention designed to help you stop smoking

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Smoking Cessation Programme

Participating in a Tobacco Free Programme substantially increases the chance of success. You will be supported and monitored by pneumologists and specialised nurses, as well as having the possibility of supplementing it with highly effective drugs.

We offer a personalised approach and follow-up that increases the chances of success.

We help our patients to overcome their stories

Their testimonies encourage us to continue improving our services