"Apostamos por una pediatría centrada en el niño y en su familia, atendiendo a la variedad de características de cada edad —desde el recién nacido al adolescente— y situación clínica".

The Pediatric Department of the Clinic has a wide experience in the study, diagnosis and treatment of most of the pathologies that can affect the child.

All our specialists work exclusively in the Clinic and, in addition, having all the technology in the same center, allows us to perform the diagnostic tests in less than 72 hours.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals in the different specialized units: Oncopediatrics, Neuropediatrics, Endocrinopediatrics, Neonatology, etc.

The child and his or her family are at the center of the attention of the Clinic's team. For us, the child has a life that must continue during the illness and we try to see that it is altered as little as possible when he or she is sick.

For this reason, the Department of Pediatrics of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra has been recognized in 2019 in the Index of Humanization of Children's Hospitals (IHHI) prepared by the ATRESMEDIA Foundation.

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Specialized units for a better attention


  • Tumors of the central nervous system

  • Sarcomas

  • Hematological tumors

  • Other solid tumors

  • Precision medicine

  • Protontherapy

  • Neurodevelopment and learning area

  • Pediatric and Neonatal Neurology

  • Metabolic diseases

  • Neuromuscular diseases

  • Epilepsy

  • Neurological and learning disorders in adolescents


  • Endocrinologic pathology, genetics and dysmorphology

  • Growth alterations. Low size

  • Hormonal pathology

  • Diabetes 1. Diabetes education

  • Dyslipidemia

  • Diagnostic tests


  • Fetal echocardiography

  • Perinatal cardiology

  • Congenital heart disease

  • Structural pathology

  • Cardiac arrhythmias

  • ECG. Holter ECG. Holter TA


  • Functional disorders in children and adolescents

  • Intestinal diseases: malabsorptive disorders

  • Food allergy with digestive clinic

  • Patología nutricional

  • Anorexia of the infant

  • Overweight and obesity


  • Bronchial Asthma

  • Bronchiolitis

  • Sleep apneas-hypopneas syndrome

  • Persistent cough

  • Pulmonary infectious pathology

  • Pulmonary function assessment


  • General pediatric pathology

  • Pediatría preventiva

  • Infant feeding

  • Growth and development

  • Vaccinations

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Neuropediatrics Unit

The Neuropediatrics Unit has more than 30 years of experience through multidisciplinary work with professionals who are a national reference.
It is also accredited by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Neurology as a Teaching Unit of Neuropediatrics.

Dravet's Unit

The assessment is carried out in one day, avoiding trips that can be complicated by crises.
Children with Dravet are evaluated by a neurologist who is an expert in the syndrome and who indicates treatment for epilepsy and other neurological problems.


Specialists in the Area of Neonatology

Equipped with natural light and the latest technology, the Neonatology Area is designed to offer the best treatment to the newborn and to provide the appropriate space for parents to participate in the care of their child.

12 Neonatal Care Boxes

Equipped with the latest technology, we have a Neonatal ICU for excellence in newborn care.

Neonatal risk pregnancy follow-up

Professionals with great experience in the care of newborns with problems, both during pregnancy and delivery.

Integration of the family into care

We want you to enjoy and participate in this special moment, so we involve parents in the whole process.

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Why at the Clinic?

  • Comprehensive care of the child.
  • Professionals who are experts in the different areas for a better diagnosis and treatment.
  • Equipped with the latest technology for newborn care.

Our team of professionals

More than 15 years of experience in research and treatment of childhood oncological diseases

of Pediatrics

Sarcomas or malignant bone tumors are high-grade tumors typically diagnosed in children, adolescents and young adults. 

We have developed an important number of lines of research with the aim of studying this type of tumor in depth, improving the quality of life of patients and increasing the survival rate.

We help our patients to overcome their stories

Their testimonies encourage us to continue improving our services