Indirect calorimetry

"If there is excess fat, the patient may have a cardiometabolic risk profile, which carries a high risk of suffering from other types of diseases".


Energy expenditure is the amount of energy the body needs to maintain its weight and perform the necessary functions throughout the day. In addition, indirect calorimetry measures the nutritional needs of each person.

The energy expenditure produces an exchange of gases. In order to spend the calories that contribute the nutrients, the organism consumes oxygen and when "burning" them, it produces carbon dioxide. Calorimetry is therefore a spirometry in which the consumption of oxygen and the production of carbon dioxide are measured sequentially.

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When is calorimetry indicated?

The indirect calorimetry determines the energetic expense in rest of a person, that is to say, it is going to inform to us on the calories that its organism spends in a situation of rest and, therefore, it will orient to us on its metabolism basal to determine if this one is normal or it is increased or diminished.

The information obtained through this exploration allows us to calculate your daily energy needs in order to establish a dietary treatment appropriate to your specific characteristics.

Most frequent indications of this test:

  • Overweight
  • Obesity
  • Morbidly obese

Do you have any of these diseases?

It may be necessary to perform indirect calorimetry

How is indirect calorimetry performed?

The test is performed with the patient lying comfortably on a stretcher, without moving and breathing normally.

After the first few minutes of adaptation or stabilization, the actual data collection begins, which is carried out for approximately 20 minutes.

The day before the test, the patient should eat a light diet and not eat anything after nightfall.

In addition, you should not drink any alcoholic beverages or engage in any strenuous physical exercise.

On the day of the test you should minimize your physical activity, avoiding any physical exercise, walking or doing any household chores.

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The Obesity Area
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Our Obesity Area is formed by a team of professionals from different specialties. In less than 48 hours we perform the complete evaluation of a patient by all specialists according to our obesity protocol.

The Clinic is a center of excellence accredited in the treatment and surgery of obesity by the European Society for the Study of Obesity and by the International Federation for Bariatric Surgery.

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  • More than 20 years of experience in the treatment of obesity surgery.
  • Trained in these techniques in international reference centers in the USA and Europe.
  • In 48 hours our specialists will evaluate your case and propose the best treatment.

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