ALS and Neuromuscular Diseases Unit

"Multidisciplinary care in this type of diseases is essential to improve the quality of life of patients".


In the Neuromuscular Diseases Unit, specialists in Neurology, Neurophysiology, Pathological Anatomy, geneticists and nursing staff participate, allowing a multidisciplinary approach that enables the proper diagnosis, treatment and advice in the main pathologies of our field.

We have a wide variety of diagnostic techniques. In addition to the neurophysiological study and resonance imaging techniques, we have a dysautonomia study by means of Sudoscan® and Termotest®, as well as the possibility of performing a complete genetic study and muscle biopsy studies.

In addition, our service maintains a commitment to scientific progress and the improvement of patient treatment by participating in various clinical trials.

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Do you need a remote second opinion?

Our professionals will provide you with a medical evaluation without you having to leave your home.

Why at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra

We are the best private hospital in Spain for the ninth year in a row
(Ranking Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria 2023)

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We work as a team of neurologists, pneumologists, internists, rehabilitators and specialized nurses.

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Personalized medicine

We carry out the diagnostic process and design the ideal treatment plan for each patient in the shortest time possible.

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We have the latest diagnostic technology, such as 3Teslas high-field magnetic resonance imaging and PET.

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We work together with the Neuroscience Area of the Cima Universidad de Navarra in the development of new treatments and we participate in clinical trials.

Diseases we treat

Our specialized professionals of first international level offer you the possibility of a precise and fast diagnosis.


Comprehensive assessment of neuromuscular diseases

The Unit of ALS and Neuromuscular Diseases of the Clinica Universidad de Navarra has specialists in different areas and with the most specific, modern and precise diagnostic methods.

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Cutting edge technology

We have the latest technology and work with well-defined diagnostic protocols to offer the best solution to our patients.

Team of

Specialized in the follow-up and care that patients need to achieve the best possible quality of life.

Research and
Clinical trials

We continue to seek solutions or treatments to improve the quality of life of our patients.

Why at the Clinic?

  • Integral evaluation of the patient.
  • Personalized diagnosis.
  • Cutting edge technology.

Our team of professionals