Assessment and diagnosis

The Area of Obesity

In the Area of Obesity we try to objectively obtain as much information as possible by means of an individualised study of the patient's energy expenditure, which we carry out using indirect calorimetry. At the same time, with the help of accelerometry, we are able to accurately determine the patient's physical activity and obtain very precise data on their body composition.
We have a team of dieticians who are capable of finding out what kind of food is ingested, in what form and quantity, the culinary technique used in its processing, as well as considering the existence of food allergies and observing the family or social environment in which the person lives, in order to design highly personalised treatments. Having carefully studied the patient's particular case, we offer a diet that is suitable only for that person.

We carry out a personalised assessment of each patient in a coordinated way, addressing all related aspects in order to offer the treatment that will meet their needs.
This clinical care continues even after the treatment, as we have proven that appropriate follow-up achieves better results in the long run.

Contact us if you need more information or advice on the checkup you need.

What are the steps we follow to assess each case?

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First contact with the Area of Obesity
Our coordinating nurse will make an initial assessment in order to plan the best assistance for your case.

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Appointment with specialists
Depending on your characteristics and degree of obesity, you will be attended by the appropriate medical specialists.

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24-48 h
Diagnostic tests

To complete the study we carry out: complete blood tests, chest X-ray, ECG, anthropometric and body composition studies, abdominal ultrasound and gastroscopy.

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Treatment suggestion
The team of the Area of Obesity studies your specific case in a coordinated manner in order to offer you the ideal treatment.

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Preparation for the treatment
If an endoscopic or surgical procedure is required, it is necessary to plan a few weeks of weight loss and physical activity beforehand for greater success and better recovery.

The Area of Obesity

At the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, the patient is at the centre of our activity.

For this reason, we have an interdisciplinary team of surgeons, endocrinologists, nutritionists, anaesthesiologists, digestive specialists and specialists in Internal Medicine who approach each case in a comprehensive and personalised manner, ensuring effective medical care that will increase the likelihood of success.