Area of Obesity

The Area of Obesity boasts the Clinic's Metabolic Research Laboratory, which ensures the uniqueness of our knowledge and approach to obese patients in Spain.

The collaboration between the professionals responsible for basic research and those who develop clinical research is essential in order to advance in results, an objective that can only be achieved thanks to the joint work of our team within the Obesity Area.

We have transferred aspects that are normally found in the realm of research to the field of healthcare so that the patient can benefit directly from them, with a more precise and personalised diagnosis and treatment. We have been pioneers in the routine application of energy expenditure and body composition determination techniques at the healthcare level.

The Metabolic Research Laboratory is part of the Healthcare Research Institute of Navarre (IdiSNA) and forms part of the Biomedical Research Centre for the Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition Network (CIBEROBN), funded by the Carlos III Health Institute.

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Objectives of our research

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Molecular biology

We dig deeper into the molecular aspects underlying the development of obesity and its associated diseases.

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We focus our research on factors related to the control of body weight and appetite, given that obesity is a complex and multifactorial disease.

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Cardiometabolic risk factors that are elevated in patients with obesity and increase the likelihood of complications.