The intraoperative radiation therapy LIAC

Radiation Oncology

Cutting-edge technology

We continuously improve our technology, as we are clear that technology and research means new opportunities for our patients.

A mobile and miniaturised linear accelerator (LIAC) to administer radiotherapy with maximum accuracy during the same surgery to remove the tumour is the most innovative acquisition of the new radiotherapy oncology equipment at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra at its headquarters in Madrid.

The LIAC makes it possible to treat patients that are more complex by reducing the level of toxicity in the adjacent healthy tissues to a minimum, in fewer sessions and in a safer manner.

The time of exposure to radiation does not exceed two minutes, as the accelerator makes possible "a very high and homogeneous dose, in a very specific area and in a single session".

This is the LIAC equipment, from the firm Sordina, a model of miniaturised linear accelerator indicated for working in oncology operating theatres. It administers very safe radiation doses.

This is currently the smallest, lightest and most mobile model available in Spanish private hospitals. It provides the greatest versatility in such a demanding field as an oncology operating is.