Nuclear Medicine

Cutting-edge technology

We continuously improve our technology, as we are clear that technology and research means new opportunities for our patients.

We have incorporated a state-of-the-art digital PET scanne,r at our Pamplona locations, equipped with multislice CT, which improves the diagnosis of different types of tumors, thanks to the application of artificial intelligence algorithms, the improvements it provides in the contrast and resolution of the image of the tumor and the speed with which images are obtained.

PET (proton emission tomography) is a technique that makes it possible to visualize the molecular processes that occur in tumors and, therefore, to characterize tumor lesions with great diagnostic precision, a task that is carried out with radiopharmaceuticals that are administered to patients, after which the images are obtained on the PET equipment itself.

Because of this ability to generate precision images at the molecular level, a PET scanner is especially useful for the early diagnosis of tumors, the assessment of the best treatment and a rapid evaluation of its outcome.