"We offer a more natural, ecological and respectful vision of women's health, from methods of natural fertility recognition, to the promotion of breastfeeding and 'humanized birth'".


The Natural Fertility Recognition Unit of the Clinic helps women to know their window of fertility within the normal menstrual cycle and even in more complex situations such as breastfeeding, perimenopause, or the presence of irregular cycles.

The Unit has a multidisciplinary team of specialists composed of professionals from the Departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and Preventive Medicine.

In recent years, gynecological and obstetric care has tended to avoid excessive medicalization and intervention. It is committed to a more natural approach, promoting breastfeeding, vaginal birth instead of cesarean section, strengthening the pelvic floor, among others.

In this line, the recognition of fertility indicators for their application in respectful family planning, without the need to use hormones, devices or elements that modify the normal functioning of the body or sexual relations, as well as the gynecological health of women, is gaining more and more attention.

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Fertility Recognition Program

Our individualized learning program is organized in regular visits in consultation with an expert monitoring nurse and with the support of specialized gynecologists.

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Any woman can learn to accurately identify her fertile period and recognize changes in it, known as biological indicators of fertility. They make it possible to detect certain gynecological pathologies and women's health problems that may require treatment, especially if she is seeking pregnancy.

  • 1 introductory session with the couple. (60 minutes).
  • 8 follow-up interviews (60 minutes).
  • Complementary gynecological ultrasound, if needed. 

Fertility recognition may be more difficult in situations such as breastfeeding or perimenopause or if you have irregular cycles. However, the Clinic's learning program applies to these cases as well.

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