Tubal microsurgery

"Through tubal reversal, the conception of a child occurs naturally, without any limitation of treatment cycles".


Can tubal ligation be reversed?

Between 10% and 15% of women who have had their tubes tied subsequently express a desire to reverse the sterilization technique in order to have children again.

The tubal ligation reversal technique is a laborious microsurgical procedure.

The microsurgery technique used to reverse tubal ligation offers an average rate of 55% pregnancy success, a rate that could exceed 70% in women under 35.

The most appropriate thing to do in these cases is to consult a gynecologist who is an expert in this technique, since the success of tubal recanalization depends on it.

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With a team of specialists who offer the best personalized attention to perform the only method to reverse tubal ligation

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Over 55% pregnancy success rate after tubal ligation reversal.

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We work as a team and coordinated to offer each patient the best treatment.

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When is tubal ligation reversal indicated?

  • In order to practice effective tubal reversal surgery, it is necessary, first of all, that the ligation technique has kept the distal part of the tubes (the fimbrial portion) viable.
  • In addition to the fact that they have not been damaged, it is important that a certain length of the tubes, at least 4 cm, has been preserved, otherwise they will lose function.
  • Among the selection criteria for performing a reversal operation, the age of the patient also stands out, since above 40 years of age, the success rates for conceiving a child are much lower, because the fertility of the woman, in general, is lower.

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Do you want to have children again?

It may be possible to perform a tubal ligation reversal

How is tubal ligation reversal performed?

It consists of reaching the hole in each of the segments in which the tube has been sectioned and joining them again.

The complexity of the reversion depends, to a large extent, on how the tubal ligation was performed. Among the selection criteria for performing a reversal operation, the age of the patient also stands out.

Above the age of 40, the success rates for conceiving a child are much lower.

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