Hybrid operating rooms

Intelligent operating rooms

Benefit for the patient

The new operating rooms installed at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra  allow for greater intraoperative precision in the surgeries performed on patients, since high quality images can be obtained at the same time as they are being performed, allowing surgeons to check the effectiveness of the operation before it is completed.

This image-guided surgical complex also increases the safety of the patient and the Clinic's professionals. It will not be necessary to repeat tests on the patient, avoiding repeated administration of contrasts and reducing the time of exposure to radiation. This clearly results in greater benefit for the patient.

Another characteristic of these operating rooms is that they facilitate multidisciplinary work. Surgeons and interventional radiologists will be able to work in a coordinated manner within the surgical environment.

The greatest benefits will be achieved in the following indications: intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging, oncological surgeries, especially neurosurgery, such as brain tumours and Parkinson's, and some Urology and Gynecology procedures. The hybrid operating rooms are specially equipped for angiography and minimally invasive vascular surgery (Interventional Radiology and Hemodynamics), vascular surgery and cardiac surgery.