VMAT radiotherapy for the prostate

Latest generation of accelerators to perform radiotherapy

V-MAT prostate radiotherapy represents the next step or evolution of IMRT radiotherapy. This type of external radiotherapy is administered with high-performance linear accelerators (Elekta's Versa HD) that allow for the application of treatments on very diverse anatomies in a very fast and precise manner (from large irregular volumes to small lesions with well-defined contours).

The irradiation is delivered by a linear accelerator that rotates around the patient in order to irradiate the entire prostate, minimising damage to healthy tissue (such as the rectum). This type of radiotherapy is a step forward in comparison with other types of external radiation, as it reduces time and increases patient safety.

The Clinic has the most advanced linear accelerators currently available for external radiotherapy.

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The most precise radiotherapy for prostate cancer

The VMAT prostate radiotherapy technique adapts to the patient's anatomy and respiratory movements, treating the tumour and/or areas at risk with great speed and precision, minimising damage to healthy tissue.

The accelerator rotates continuously 360º around the patient and during the rotational movements of the Gantry it is possible to simultaneously control rotational speed, dose rate and beam opening.

In high-risk patients, prostate radiotherapy is complemented with high or low rate brachytherapy in order to achieve the highest local irradiation and increase the probability of cure while minimising adverse effects.