Diagnostic tests for the prostate

The unique hospital in Spain in which all available diagnostic techniques for prostate diseases can be performed.

The Clinic uses MRI and transperineal biopsies with image fusion for rapid and accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer in all its patients for prostate examination.

The prostate examination performance carried out at the Prostate Centre is based on systematic collaboration between the specialities of Urology, Radiation and Medical Oncology, Internal Medicine, Interventional Radiodiagnostics, Nuclear Medicine, Pathological Anatomy and Geriatrics, with the support of specialised nurses.

Behind each diagnosis and treatment in the prostate check-up there is the joint analysis of the different multidisciplinary committees active at the Prostate Centre, a guarantee for our patients.


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At the Prostate Centre we have all the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques necessary to offer the best option according to the characteristics and preferences of the patient.
A team of highly experienced professionals

A precise diagnosis that allows us to personalise treatments

How to detect prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia with the most precise and cutting-edge diagnostic tests

Fusion biopsy

The most reliable technique to find out whether a patient has prostate cancer


MRI coupled with biopsy achieves the most accurate diagnosis.

Choline PET

Combined with fusion biopsy, it allows to determine the extent of the disease.


Allows for a more accurate detection of the tumour even at the earliest stages.