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Prostate Center

360º medicine for prostate diseases

The Prostate Centre at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra is the first in Spain to offer the entire diagnostic and therapeutic arsenal for the management of benign and malignant prostate disease.

A personalised medicine based on the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology, a team of professionals with a high level of experience, and a multidisciplinary approach centred on the patient and their needs, accompanied by a highly specialised nursing team.

All our healthcare model is systematically measured and evaluated for the purpose of achieving a continuous improvement in our results in all their dimensions: effectiveness, safety, ethical commitment and patient perception.

Furthermore, as a distinctive institutional feature, clinical practices are integrated with clinical and basic research through the Cima (Centre for Applied Medical Research) Universidad de Navarra and the Clinical Trials Unit.

Not only do we diagnose and treat patients, but we also try, with their permission, to deepen our knowledge about the biology of the disease in order to advance in precision medicine, which is adapted to the needs and values of our patients.

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A medical benchmark centre for prostate diseases

The most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology in the country, and one of the most advanced in Europe


all diagnostic and therapeutic technology for prostate diseases


center integrated into the Cancer Center Clínica Universidad de Navarra


professionals who make up a multidisciplinary team with the utmost experience in Spain

A completely personalised treatment to obtain the best results for our patients

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

We have the greatest combined experience in Spain in the different minimally invasive treatments (green laser, holmium laser, prostate embolisation) designed to solve this problem, which makes us a highly reliable option for all patients.

Prostate cancer

We offer the most extensive experience in the methods of diagnosis and precision treatment, both of primary disease and of that which reappears after the failure of initial treatments with surgery or radiotherapy.

Academic vocation

Training programmes related to prostate diseases, both for undergraduate teaching of students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Navarra, and for postgraduate training aimed at resident doctors and urologists, with the participation of colleagues from other countries.

In addition, we have been accredited by the European Board of Urology of the Department of Urology since 2009. This external evaluation reinforces the quality with which we try to carry out the healthcare of our patients.