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Variability of cognitive development in different types of epilepsy in children

Mar 1, 2010 | Magazine: Revista de Neurología

Sánchez-Carpintero R.

Introduction: Children with epilepsy have a higher risk of suffering from cognitive and behavioural disorders, the intensity and repercussions of which may be more or less important.

Aim: To examine the different factors, dependent on epilepsy, its cause or the treatment, which can affect the cognitive development of children with epilepsy.

Development: To this end, a review was carried out of the studies that have provided data about the causes of cognitive disorders in children with epilepsy, and we suggest which children with epilepsy are at greater risk of suffering cognitive disorders and how they must be treated.

Conclusions: Children with epilepsy often experience cognitive and behavioural difficulties for the rest of their lives. Sometimes these problems can be avoided, or at least improved. Being familiar with them, together with their early detection and treatment must be priorities for neuropaediatricians who treat children with epilepsy.

CITATION  Rev Neurol. 2010 Mar 3;50 Suppl 3:S31-6

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