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Treatment of supratentorial glioma with intracarotid cisplatin and intravenous carmustine

Rebollo J., Martín-Algarra S., Bilbao I., Zubieta J.L., Calvo F.A., de Castro P., Pastor M.A., Viteri C., Martínez Lage J.M.
Departamentos de Oncología Médica, Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, Pamplona.

Magazine: Neurologia

Date: Aug 1, 1990

Radiology [SP] Neurology [SP] Medical Oncology

We report the results of intracarotid (IC) cisplatinum and intravenous carmustine (BCNU) in 26 patients with supratentorial malignant glioma and recurrent low grade glioma. A response rate of 53.84% (95% confidence interval 33.3%-73.4%) was found.

The median survival for the whole group was 11 months (range 3-70), with 35% of patients surviving for 2 years. At the present time, 5 patients are still alive, with a median follow up of 68 months (range 56-70).

Neurological toxicity has been low and transient, being attributable to the technical degree of care in catheter positioning, cisplatin dosage and the technique of drug administration into the carotid artery.

CITATION  Neurologia. 1990 Aug-Sep;5(7):228-32

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