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Treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis with natural interferon beta: a multicenter, randomized clinical trial

Jun 1, 1995 | Magazine: Multiple Sclerosis

Fernández O, Antiquëdad A, Arbizu T, Capdevíla A, de Castro P, Correa de Sa JC, García-Merino JA, Izquierdo G, Magalhaes A, Montalbán X, et al.

Preliminary results of a multicenter, randomized study on the effect of natural interferon beta (n-INFN-beta) in relapsing-remitting MS are reported.

Sixty patients received either no treatment or n-IFN-beta (9 MIU three times a week, subcutaneously). After 6 months, the n-IFN-beta-treated group showed a 58% median reduction in the number of active lesions detected on monthly magnetic resonance imaging scans as well as a 38% reduction in the exacerbation rate as compared with the control group. Side-effects were mild and self-limiting.

The study continues according to the protocol.

CITATION  Mult Scler. 1995;1 Suppl 1:S67-9