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Transplantation of free vascularized jejunum for esophageal reconstruction

Aug 1, 1989 | Magazine: Revista de Medicina de la Universidad de Navarra

Benito C, Hernández Lizoáin JL, Serra JM, Albiach M, Voltas J.


Two cases of pharyngo-esophageal carcinoma treated with tumor resection followed by insertion of a vascularized jejunal free graft using microsurgical technique in order to maintain esophageal contiguity are presented. Both cases have received pre-operative radiotherapy.

This presentation is motivated by the excellent results obtained in this palliative treatment of said type of cancer.

The jejunal transplant improves the quality of life of these patients with less morbidity and mortality compared with other methods of esophageal reconstruction.

CITATION  Rev Med Univ Navarra. 1989 Jul-Sep;33(3):161-3