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The POEMS syndrome, apropos of 2 cases and review of the literature

Jun 1, 1996 | Magazine: Anales de Medicina Interna

de la Peña A, Subtil JC, Rodríguez-Rosado R, Yuste JR, Lucas I.


We describe two cases of POEMS syndrome, both with polyneuropathy, monoclonal gammopathy of the IgG lambda type, thickening of the skin with Raynaud phenomenon, multiple osteosclerotic lesions and hypothyroidism.

One of them, also had papilledema, elevated cerebrospinal fluid protein, intracranial hypertension and phrenic nerve palsy; the other one had ascites and hepatosplenomegaly. Phrenic nerve palsy associated to this syndrome has not been described previously.

CITATION  An Med Interna. 1996 Jun;13(6):291-4