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Static magnetic stimulation of human auditory cortex: a feasibility study

Jun 28, 2022 | Magazine: Neuroreport

Gurutzi Azcona Ganuza  1   2 , Manuel Alegre  1


There is a growing interest about the effects of static transcranial magnetic stimulation (tSMS) over different cortical areas, being the motor cortex the most widely studied region.

Previous experiments have shown that noninvasive magnetic static stimulation of the human brain may change its excitability in a reversible way for a period that outlasts the time of application of the magnetic field.

However, evidence about the effects over the auditory cortex are poor and this is the purpose of the present study. Twelve voluntary subjects were studied in two different sessions, immediately before and 20 min after the placement of a magnet or a sham over the left primary auditory cortex, for 30 min.

No significant effects of the magnet were observed on auditory responses, including onset and offset potentials and oscillatory responses to stimulus frequency modulation. A reduction in the amplitude of the cortical onset and offset potentials was observed after the two sessions, both with the magnet and with the false magnet (sham).

No effects of unilateral static magnetic stimulation on cortical auditory responses have been observed. However, we probe the feasibility and tolerability of the protocol performed and suggest the use of different stimulation protocols.

CITATION  Neuroreport. 2022 Jun 28.  doi: 10.1097/WNR.0000000000001809

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