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Sleep-related laryngospasm: a video-polysomnographic recording

Mar 1, 2006 | Magazine: Epileptic Disorders

Iriarte J., Urrestarazu E., Alegre M., Goñi C., Viteri C., Artieda J.

We present a case of laryngospasm in a 12-year-old male who experienced sudden, nocturnal episodes of breathing difficulties and agitation.

Apart from laryngospasm, the main differential diagnoses included frontal seizures, sleep-related choking syndrome, sleep asthma, sleep apnoea and REM sleep behaviour disorder. The video and the EEG recordings supported the diagnosis of laryngospasm. The pH-metry confirmed the existence of reflux.

Its treatment successfully controlled the episodes. This case illustrates, with a typical video recording, this infrequent type of paroxysmal event with an important differential diagnosis.

CITATION  Epileptic Disord. 2006 Mar;8(1):70-2