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Sensory interaction in posturography

Feb 1, 2004 | Magazine: Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española

Rama López J, Pérez Fernández N.

The aim of this work is to show the results obtained with a dynamic posturography on a stabilometric platform and to create relative parameters of study.

The study was performed on 127 patients with dizziness of a peripheral vestibular origin and the results analyzed in a dynamic posturography under six conditions of stimulation.

The values obtained under the studied conditions of dynamic posturography are significantly different when the conditions of test increases sensorial conflicts. We could create 15 news relatives parameters which are in normal distribution.

Dynamic posturography over stabilometric platform could be considered as a good test in the evaluation of vertiginous patients. Different stimulations introduce more sensibility to the test.

CITATION  Acta Otorrinolaringol Esp. 2004 Feb;55(2):62-6