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Results of the microsurgical treatment of the peripheral nerve suture in children

Apr 1, 1996 | Magazine: Cirugía Pediátrica

Díez García R, Amillo Garayoa S.


Thirty-five children (20 boys and 15 girls) between 4 and 16 years old who were surgically treated for total nerve section are reviewed. The nerve anastomosis was made with optical microscopy. Epineural suture (10 cases), funicular suture (10 cases), and nerve graft (19 cases) was made. Median (10 sections), ulnar (10 sections), radial (3 sections), and sciatic (4 sections) was repaired. Excellent and good results was obtained in 90% of cases. Daniels and Higuet-Zachary scheme was employed. The minimum follow-up time was 2 year.

CITATION  Cir Pediatr. 1996 Apr;9(2):64-8.