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Reflex blepharospasm associated with bilateral basal ganglia lesion

Apr 1, 1993 | Magazine: Movement Disorders

Larumbe R., Vaamonde J., Artieda J., Zubieta J.L., Obeso J.A.

A patient with a bilateral striatal lesion secondary to anoxia presented reflex blepharospasm associated with parkinsonism and dystonia in the limbs. The blink reflex excitability curve was enhanced and the R-2 response prolonged as in patients with essential blepharospasm.

The findings in this patient support the notion that blepharospasm may be secondary to basal ganglia dysfunction through abnormal facilitation of reticular formation neurons controlling facial nucleus motoneuron excitability.

CITATION  Mov Disord. 1993 Apr;8(2):198-200