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Radiological manifestations of Baastrup's disease in children

Sep 27, 2011 | Magazine: Radiología

Arias Fernández J, Broncano Cabrero J, Bondía Gracia JM, Aquerreta Beola JD.

Baastrup's disease is not usually considered among the possible causes of low back pain in children. Classically, Baastrup's disease is characterized by degenerative phenomena secondary to friction between adjacent spinous processes, with sclerosis of the margins and decrease in the interspinous space. Baastrup's disease becomes more prevalent with age and is usually accompanied by degenerative changes in the vertebral column, such as lumbar facet hypertrophy or disc disease.

Certain activities like dance or gymnastics can make Baastrup's disease more likely to appear at an earlier age. In children, Baastrup's disease can manifest in a different way, with increased interspinous spaces and bone remodeling. In this article, we present the cases of two patients with low back pain who were diagnosed with Baastrup's disease.

CITATION  Radiologia. 2011 Sep 27