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Radial shortening for the treatment of Kienböck's disease

Jan 1, 1993 | Magazine: International Orthopaedics

Amillo S., Martínez-Peric R., Barrios R.H.

Twelve patients with Kienböck's disease were treated by radial shortening.

Eight patients were in stage II and four in stage III. After an average of 5 years, relief of pain was satisfactory in 10 patients; 8 were in stage II before operation and 2 in stage III. Two patients were dissatisfied because they had persistent pain; both were in stage III before surgery. The range of motion improved moderately. Nonunion at the site of radial osteotomy did not occur. Radiographs at follow up showed consolidation and healing of the lunate in 2 patients, nonprogression of the disease in 9 and increase of the carpal collapse in 1.

The procedure helps to prevent further collapse of the lunate especially in stage II and in some patients in stage III.

CITATION  Int Orthop. 1993;17(1):23-6