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Prolonged monitoring with video-EEG. Clinical applications

Mar 1, 1998 | Magazine: Revista de Neurología

Iriarte J, Viteri C, Artieda J.

The differential diagnosis of paroxysmal events include a large number of entities. A careful diagnosis is needed because of the specific treatment that most of them require. If a mistake is done in the diagnosis, the consequences in the treatment may be relevant, not only because the maintenance of the episodes but because the secondary effects of the wrong medications. The video-EEG monitoring is key when the diagnosis of epileptic seizures is suspected. However, this is not the exclusive indication for a video-EEG monitoring study.

Nowadays, epilepsy surgery is not considered without a previous monitoring study. In this article we review the indications for a video-EEG monitoring must be included as an usual system of diagnosis in a Neurophysiology Unit.

CITATION  Rev Neurol. 1998 Mar;26(151):425-31