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Postoperative radiotherapy in resected non-small cell lung cancer: The never-ending story

Oct 24, 2021 | Magazine: World Journal of Clinical Oncology

Javier Serrano  1 , Patricia Calvo Crespo  2 , Begoña Taboada  2 , Ana Alvarez Gonzalez  3 , Rafael Garcia García  4 , Antonio Gomez Caamaño  5 , Juan Carlos Trujillo Reyes  6 , Xabier Mielgo-Rubio  7 , Felipe Couñago  8


This manuscript collects in a joint and orderly manner the existing evidence at the present time about postoperative treatment with radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer.

It also systematically reviews the current evidence, the international recommendations in the most relevant guidelines, the most controversial aspects in clinical and pathological staging, the specific technical aspects of radiotherapy treatment, and also collects all the potential risk factors that have been postulated as significant in the prognosis of these patients, evaluating the possibility of segmenting a particularly sensitive subpopulation with a high risk of relapse on which an adjuvant treatment with radiotherapy could have an impact on their clinical evolution.

Finally, currently active trials that aspire to provide more evidence on this topic are reviewed.

CITATION  World J Clin Oncol. 2021 Oct 24;12(10):833-844.  doi: 10.5306/wjco.v12.i10.833.