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Plasmapheresis as therapy to resolve vascular rejection in heart transplantation with severe heart failure: a report of one case

Feb 1, 1998 | Magazine: Transplantation Proceedings

M. Catalán (a), R. Llorens (c), J. J. Legarra (a), I. Segura (b), A. Sarralde (a) and G. Rabago (a)

The predominant causes of late graft loss after orthotopic cardiac transplantation are graft rejection, coronary artery disease, and infection.

The histopathological dianosis of acute rejection of cardiac allograft is based on cellular phenomena such as lymphocytic infultration with myocyte damage. The symptoms may be very different depending on the rejection grading scale. Usually, this form of rejection is resolved with stabdard antirejection therapy: steroid pulse therapy, increasing doses of Cyclosporine A or in the case of therapy-resistance rejection, with monoclonal antibodies.

CITATION  Transplant Proc. 1998 Feb;30(1):176-9