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Pharmacokinetic monitoring of antiepileptic drugs

May 12, 2011 | Magazine: Farmacia Hospitalaria

Aldaz A, Ferriols R, Aumente D, Calvo MV, Farre MR, García B, Marqués R, Mas P, Porta B, Outeda M, Soy D; Grupo PK-gen de la Sociedad Española de Farmacia Hospitalaria.
Servicio de Farmacia, Clínica Universitaria, Pamplona, España


Monitoring plasma levels of antiepileptic drugs for the treatment and prophylaxis of epilepsy is one of the strategies enabling clinical results to improve by reducing adverse affects and increasing effectiveness. The objective of this article is to review the basic aspects in the monitoring of antiepileptic drugs using a consensus document prepared and endorsed by the pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics working group (PK.gen) of the Sociedad Española de Farmacia Hospitalaria (Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacists).

CITATION  Farm Hosp. 2011 May 12

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