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Pathologist-initiated reflex testing for biomarkers in non-small-cell lung cancer: expert consensus on the rationale and considerations for implementation

Aug 8, 2023 | Magazine: ESMO Open

J R Gosney  1 , L Paz-Ares  2 , P Jänne  3 , K M Kerr  4 , N B Leighl  5 , M D Lozano  6 , U Malapelle  7 , T Mok  8 , B S Sheffield  9 , A Tufman  10 , I I Wistuba  11 , S Peters  12


Biomarker tests in lung cancer have been traditionally ordered by the treating oncologist upon confirmation of an appropriate pathological diagnosis.

The delay this introduces prolongs yet further what is already a complex, multi-stage, pre-treatment pathway and delays the start of first-line systemic treatment, which is crucially informed by the results of such analysis.

Reflex testing, in which the responsibility for testing for an agreed range of biomarkers lies with the pathologist, has been shown to standardise and expedite the process. Twelve experts discussed the rationale and considerations for implementing reflex testing as standard clinical practice.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  ESMO Open. 2023 Aug;8(4):101587.  doi: 10.1016/j.esmoop.2023.101587.  Epub 2023 Jun 23