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Opposing effects of engagement of integrins and stimulation of cytokine receptors on cell cycle progression of normal human hematopoietic progenitors

Jiang Y, Prosper F, Verfaillie CM.
Stem Cell Laboratory and Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplantation, Department of Medicine and Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Magazine: Blood

Date: Feb 1, 2000

Cell Therapy Area [SP]

We evaluated the effect of beta1-integrin receptor engagement on the expression and activity of cell cycle regulatory proteins in CD34(+) cells under conditions that mimic the steady-state marrow microenvironment and in the presence of supraphysiological concentrations of interleukin-3 (IL3) and stem cell factor (SCF).

Adhesion of CD34(+) progenitors to fibronectin (FN) was similar whether IL3 or SCF was present or absent. Engagement of beta1-integrins blocked S-phase entry of CD34(+) cells in the absence of IL3 or SCF, whereas addition of 10 ng/mL IL3 or SCF prevented such a block in S-phase entry. In the absence of IL3 or SCF, cyclin-E levels were significantly lower and p27(KIP1) levels significantly higher in FN-adherent than in FN-nonadherent cells, or than in poly-L-lysine (PLL)-adherent or (PLL)-nonadherent cells.

Cyclin-dependent-kinase (cdk)-2 activity was decreased and levels of cyclin-E-cdk2 complexes were lower in FN-adherent than in PLL-adherent cells. In contrast, cyclin-E and p27(KIP1) protein levels and cdk2 activity in cells adherent to FN in the presence of IL3 or SCF were similar to those in PLL-adherent and FN-nonadherent or PLL-nonadherent cells. In conclusion, under physiological cytokine conditions, integrin engagement prevents S-phase entrance of CD34(+) cells, which is associated with elevated levels of the contact-dependent cyclin kinase inhibitor p27(KIP1).

Supraphysiological concentrations of IL3 or SCF prevent p27(KIP1) elevation and override the integrin-mediated inhibition of entry into S phase.

CITATION  Blood. 2000 Feb 1;95(3):846-54



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