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Normative ADHD-RS-Preschool Data in a Community Sample in Spain

Feb 1, 2016 | Magazine: Journal of Attention Disorders

Marín-Méndez JJ (1), Borra-Ruiz MC (2), Álvarez-Gómez MJ (3), McGoey KE (4), Soutullo C (5).

The objective was to obtain normalized data from the ADHD Rating Scale-IV-Preschool Version (ADHD-RS-IV-P) in a Spanish sample.

We translated and adapted the ADHD-RS-IV to our culture to obtain normalized data from a random representative sample of 1,426 Spanish preschool children (3 to <7 years old; 49.7% males). To analyze differences between evaluators, we used MANOVA. Internal consistency was assessed via Cronbach's alpha.

The mean age was 4.7 years old. There was a significant sex effect. The questionnaire had an internal consistency between .86 and .96 according to subscale and evaluator.

To evaluate ADHD in preschool children, it is necessary to use scores standardized by sex. Using a validated scale in schools and primary care centers may be useful for early detection of ADHD.

CITATION  J Atten Disord. 2016 Feb 2. pii: 1087054715625300