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Normal Neurological Outcome after Congenital Thyrotoxicosis: Prognostic Value of Observation of General Movements

Dec 1, 2008 | Magazine: Neuropediatrics

Gaboli M, Aguilera S, Azcona C, Alzina V, Narbona J.

We followed up a patient born preterm with congenital thyrotoxicosis by observing her general movements (GMs) in accordance with Prechtl's method. Initially a chaotic pattern was observed.

Along with the normalization of thyroid hormones, the GM pattern changed to a poor repertoire at four weeks of life, full-blown writhing movements at six weeks and fidgety movements at the age of four months.

This is the first report of chaotic GMs in a neonate reflecting transient neurological dysfunction related to congenital thyrotoxicosis, with subsequent normal neurological and cognitive outcome.

CITATION  Neuropediatrics. 2008 Dec;39(6):351-3