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A new approach to prostate cancer screening

Jul 21, 2023 | Magazine: Advances in Laboratory Medicine

Xavier Filella  1 , Álvaro González  2 , Josep Maria Augé  1 , Antonio Barco  3 , Rosa Carbonell  4 , María Jesús Gaspar  5 , Antonio Martínez-Peinado  6 , Clara Pérez Barrios  7 , Marta Sánchez-Carbayo  8 , José Diego Santotoribio  9 , Jaume Trapé  10


Prostate cancer screening based on prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing has been a matter of controversy. Although screening for prostate cancer was effective in reducing mortality, it resulted in overdiagnosis, which translated into unnecessary treatments and numerous adverse effects. As a result, recommendations from scientific societies became increasingly restrictive.

In the recent years, new approaches to prostate cancer screening have been proposed. These new approaches are aimed at solving the controversy between widespread screening vs. no screening, and reconsidering PSA testing as a screening tool with a good benefit/risk balance.

In this context, the European Association of Urology submitted a proposal to the European Commission for prostate cancer screening to be performed as a function of baseline PSA concentrations.

The European Commission recently recommended the implementation of organized prostate cancer screening programs for men aged ≤70 years based on PSA values in combination with follow-up magnetic resonance imaging.

CITATION  Adv Lab Med. 2023 Jul 21;4(3):212-217.  doi: 10.1515/almed-2023-0034.  eCollection 2023 Sep