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Nerve regeneration in different types of grafts: experimental study in rabbits

Jan 1, 1995 | Magazine: Microsurgery

Amillo S., Yáñez R., Barrios R.H.

The nerve regeneration patterns of five different types of grafts were studied in 40 rabbits. Conventional nerve autografts, vascularized nerve autografts, fresh nerve allografts, frozen nerve allografts, and muscle autografts were sutured to a 1.5 cm gap in the sciatic nerve and compared with normal nerves and nerves with a 3 cm gap.

Regeneration was evaluated by means of electromyography, light and electron microscopy. Quantitative data from morphometric analysis of axonal diameter and myelination were statistically analyzed. Results 5 months after grafting showed no significant differences between the conventional and vascularized nerve autografts.

There were no significant differences between frozen nerve allografts and muscle autografts. The best regeneration was achieved with autografts.

CITATION Microsurgery. 1995;16(9):621-30