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Neoadjuvant intra-arterial chemotherapy in inflammatory carcinoma of the breast

Bilbao JI, Rebollo J, Longo JM, Mansilla F, Muñoz-Galindo L, Vieitez JM.
Department of Radiology, Clínica Universitaria, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

Magazine: The British Journal of Radiology

Date: Mar 1, 1992

Breast Cancer Area Radiology [SP]

From 1982 to 1989, 18 eligible patients (median age 50.5 years, range 30-72 years) with inflammatory breast carcinoma have been treated with neoadjuvant intra-arterial (IA) chemotherapy. The treatment regimen includes IA cisplatin, adriamycin, mytomycin C and thiotepa on Day 1 and intravenous 5-fluorouracil on Days 1 and 2. An objective clinical response rate of 100% (eight complete and 10 partial) has been observed.

The median disease-free and overall survivals are 27 months (range 5-85+ months) and 33 months (range 8-85+ months), respectively. With a median follow-up of 21.5 months, six (33.3%) patients remain alive and free of disease and 12 patients have died because of distant metastases. No local recurrences have been observed.

Intra-arterial chemotherapy is an attractive technique for the treatment of locally advanced breast carcinoma with mild toxicity and high local control rate.

CITATION  Br J Radiol. 1992 Mar;65(771):248-51

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