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Multivariate analysis of the factors influencing the occurrence of surgical complications in renal transplantation

Feb 1, 1994 | Magazine: Actas Urológicas Españolas

Agüera L (1), Robles JE (1), Rosell D (1), Rodríguez Rubio FI (1), Abad JI (1), Errasti P (2), Berian JM. (1)

Study of 307 renal corpse transplants performed in our centre, gathered in two series according to the immunosuppressive approach used, with and without cyclosporin A (Current and Historic Series, respectively). The surgical complications encountered are assessed and divided into urinary, vascular and other.

Using a multivariate analysis, the factors influencing the occurrence of each of them are examined. In the Historic Series, the prognostic factors for the occurrence of urinary complications are the type of extraction and the duration of cold ischaemia. Regarding vascular complications, these factors are the type of anastomosis and the receptor's age. With respect to all other complications, the single influential factor is the initial delayed function. In the Current Series, the prognostic factors relative to urinary complications are the receptor's age, the duration of cold ischaemia, and the donor's age. No multivariate analysis is made of vascular complications due to their small number.

The remaining complications are related, as in the other series, to the initial delayed function.

CITATION  Actas Urol Esp. 1994 Feb;18(2):117-23

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