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Liver transplantation. New perspectives in pediatric liver transplantation

Sep 1, 1989 | Magazine: Anales Españoles de Pediatría

Cienfuegos Suarez JA, Pardo Sánchez F, Maganto Suárez P.

In the last decade, the development of the liver grafting in childs, has pointed out the efficacy of this modality as the treatment of several inborns errors of metabolism. Due to the technical limitations of the orthotopic liver transplantation, new modalities have been sought.

Among them, liver cells transplantation represent the most attractive. Different studies have confirmed the efficacy of liver cell grafting in the treatment of several experimental models of hepatophathy: acute liver failure experimental cirrhosis and models of enzyme deficiency.

These results have established the bases for the future clinical application of this technique in childs. As well as other forms of isolated cell transplantation; liver cell grafting could provide a good model for cryopreservation, immunological manipulation and genetic engineering.

CITATION An Esp Pediatr. 1989 Sep;31 Suppl 39:93-8