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Liver transplant in fibrolamellar hepatocarcinoma: apropos of a case. Review of the literature

Ratia Giménez T, Herrera Cabezón J, Pereira Pérez F, Alvarez Cienfuegos J, Sánchez Turrión V, Pardo Sánchez F, Pérez Mora N, Barrios Chantar C, Garrido Botella A, Menéndez Sánchez J, et al.

Magazine: Revista Española de las Enfermedades del Aparato Digestivo

Date: Mar 1, 1989

General and Digestive Surgery

A case is presented of fibrolamellar hepatocarcinoma in a 12 year-old male treated by liver transplantation; there is no evidence of tumoral recurrence at 28 months. Donos and receptor were ABO incompatible.

The immunosuppressive regimen used was cyclosporine A and low doses of steroids. Fibrolamellar hepatocarcinoma is an infrequent histologic variety that usually affects young people and is generally not associated with hepatitis B infection or cirrhosis. It is often a single tumor, is more susceptible to surgical resection than other varieties of hepatocarcinoma, and is characterized by a relatively unagressive tumoral biology.

CITATION Rev Esp Enferm Apar Dig. 1989 Mar;75(3):273-6

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