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Laparoscopic central pancreatectomy

Apr 1, 2022 | Magazine: Cirugía Española

Ana Lozano Nájera  1 , Pablo Martí Cruchaga  2 , Gabriel Zozaya Larequi  2 , Fernando Rotellar Sastre  2

Laparoscopic central pancreatectomy is indicated for benign or low malignant potential lesions that are located in the neck or body of the pancreas and cannot be enucleated. The objective is to preserve as much parenchyma as possible, guaranteeing greater pancreatic function.

CITATION  Cir Esp (Engl Ed). 2022 Apr;100(4):240.
doi: 10.1016/j.cireng.2021.06.023. Epub 2022 Apr 15