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Intraoperative radiotherapy in recurrent gynecological cancer

Martínez Monge R., Jurado M., Azinovic I., Aristu J.J., Tangco E., Viera J.C., Berián J.M., Calvo F.A.
Department of Oncology, Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, School of Medicine, University of Navarra, Spain

Magazine: Radiotherapy and Oncology

Date: Aug 1, 1993

Gynaecology and Obstetrics [SP] Radiation Oncology

A retrospective analysis to assess the feasibility and clinical tolerance of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) in the treatment of recurrent gynecologic cancer is reported. From February 1985 to September 1992, 26 patients with recurrent gynecologic tumors entered this trial.

The clinical experience comprises two different categories of disease situations: tumors relapsing after full dose radiation therapy (group I) and recurrent disease to previous surgery (group II). Cervical carcinoma was the initial tumor site of involvement in 18 patients (69%). Treatment consisted in maximal surgical resection + IORT boost (10-25 Gy) to the high-risk areas for recurrence. Non previously irradiated patients also received external beam irradiation (EBRT) (+/- chemotherapy) pre- or postoperatively. IORT-related toxicity was one episode of motor neuropathy. Local control rates have been 33% and 77%, respectively in groups I and II. The 4-year actuarial overall survival in Group I is 7% and 6-year actuarial overall survival in Group II is 33%.

The addition of IORT to surgical debulking achieves modest local control and long-term survival rates if tumor-free margins cannot be obtained in previously irradiated patients. Combined EBRT (+/- chemotherapy) maximal surgical resection plus IORT could render some long-term survivors among those surgical recurrent patients not candidates for radical surgery with curative intent.

CITATION  Radiother Oncol. 1993 Aug;28(2):127-33

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