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Influence of neoadjuvant treatment on bladder infiltrating tumors treated with radical cystectomy

Sep 1, 1998 | Magazine: Actas Urológicas Españolas

Martín-Marquina Aspiunza A, Arocena García-Tapia J, Sanz Pérez G, Díez-Caballero Alonso F, Rodríguez-Rubio Cortadellas F, Rosell Costa D, Robles García JE, Berián Polo JM.

Retrospective study of 107 patients diagnosed with infiltrant tumour of the bladder in stage T3-T4 N0-N1, treated with radical surgery.

Eighty-four (84) received neoadjuvant therapy with radio- and/or chemotherapy. The neoadjuvant treatment was seen to provide significantly better survival, but the specific type of neoadjuvant treatment appears to have no influence.

The multivariate study evidenced that the two most influential variables for survival are the complementary treatment and the clinical stage.

CITATION Actas Urol Esp. 1998 Sep;22(8):650-4