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Indolent lymphoma: the pathologist's viewpoint

Pileri SA, Zinzani PL, Went P, Pileri A Jr, Bendandi M.
Pathologic Anatomy and Unit of Haematopathology, Institute of Haematology and Clinical Oncology 'L. & A. Seràgnoli', Bologna University, Bologna, Italy

Magazine: Annals of Oncology

Date: Jan 1, 2004

Cell Therapy Area [SP]

Indolent lymphomas have recently been the object of numerous studies, which have focused on new aspects relevant both for the better comprehension of their histogenesis and the identification of new therapeutic strategies. As marginal-zone lymphoma (MZL) represents the category of indolent lymphomas that has obtained more benefit from such an approach, the authors focused on the most recent achievements and not yet solved controversies in this area.

In spite of their postulated common derivation, the three categories of MZL of the WHO Classification appear dissimilar. In fact, they show significant molecular differences among them as well as a certain heterogeneity within each group. By no means, there is a cogent need of more refined tools to revise these neoplasms and to produce a more rational grouping.

The recent identification of the IRTA gene family corresponding to IG-like receptors differentially expressed in B-cells might contribute to their better understanding.

CITATION Ann Oncol. 2004 Jan;15(1):12-8

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