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Giant duodenal ulcer perforation: a case of innovative repair with an antrum gastric patch

Aug 1, 2012 | Magazine: Revista Española de Enfermedades Digestivas

Cienfuegos JA, Rotellar F, Valentí V, Arredondo J, Baixauli J, Pedano N, Bellver M, Hernández-Lizoaín JL.

the treatment of a perforated giant duodenal ulcer (GUDs) represents a formidable surgical challenge regarding the duodenal wall defect repair in severe peritonitis setting. A high incidence of dehiscence and hospital mortality (15-40%- has been reported with the majority of the techniques). We report a case of GUDs perforation successfully treated with a subtotal gastrectomy and a gastric patch with the remnant antrum, for repairing the duodenal defect.

a 63-years-old man with antecedents of peptic ulcer disease presents a large duodenal ulcer perforation with 48 hrs delay and associated with severe peritonitis and a retroperitoneal collection. A subtotal gastrectomy with Billroth II reconstruction and reconstruction of the duodenal defect with a patch of the remnant antrum was carried out. The patient was discharged at 17th postoperative day with good tolerance.

the duodenal defect repair with a patch of the remant antrum, represents a valid alternative in similar circumstances. To our knowledge, it appears to be the first clinical description of this technique.

CITATION  2012 Aug;104(8):436-9